What you'll learn 🧑‍💻

  • Learn to make decisions with confidence and clarity.

  • Identify and overcome common thinking traps that hinder decision-making.

  • Develop a repeatable approach to making strategic decisions in a complex world.

Course curriculum 📚

    1. 1: The Power of Decision-Making

    2. 2: How to take this course

    3. 3: Deconstructing decisions (The Three Phases)

    1. 4: Mastering High Velocity Questions

    2. 5: Hack your default scripts (Choosing and Using Heuristics)

    3. 6: The secret to pattern-matching (Understanding Abstractions)

    4. 7: The Eight Hacker Hats (Foundational Mental Models for Decision-Making)

    1. 8: Thinking from the ground up (First Principles Thinking)

    2. 9: Navigating uncertainty (Probabilistic Thinking)

    3. 10: Using data, evidence and experiments (Scientific Thinking)

    4. 11: Costs, Benefits, and Incentives (Economic Thinking)

    1. 12: Anticipating butterfly effects (Systems Thinking)

    2. 13: Navigating people and groups (Social Thinking)

    3. 14: Making long term decisions (Long-term Thinking)

    4. 15: Managing scarce resources (Resource Thinking)

    1. 16: Cultivating instinct and intuition (Irrational Thinking)

    1. 17: 3D Decision Making

    2. 18: Conclusion

About this course

  • $97.00
  • 18 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of audio content

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Elevate Your Choices, Transform Your Life 🚀

Transform how you approach decisions, big and small. Learn to cut through the noise and make smarter, faster, and more effective decisions that lead to success and fulfillment.

The people have spoken 📣


  • Q: I already make decisions every day without a hitch. Why do I need this course?

    A: Imagine you're a chef who's picked up some nifty utensils over the years at potlucks and garage sales. Now, someone hands you a brand new set of gourmet knives. Sure, you could keep slicing steaks with a spork and a butter knife, but why miss the chance to chop like a Michelin-star chef? "Decision Hacker" is a gourmet knife set for your brain, helping you cut through life's problems with a professional edge.

  • Q: Will this course eat up all my free time? I'm already swamped!

    A: I get it, time is precious. That's why the course is designed to fit into your schedule like a glove. Each lesson is bite-sized and packed with value. You can binge it like your favorite TV show or take it slow. Plus, with the option to revisit lessons as a private podcast, you can learn on the go – perfect for busy bees!

  • Q: Isn't video a better way to learn? Why only audio for the core course?

    A: Audio offers a unique opportunity to focus and reflect without visual distractions. It complements the text lessons and workbook, providing a holistic learning experience. However, if video is your thing, just pre-order the full foundation course. You'll get the audio now, along with bonus audio case studies, and then an immersive video experience when the foundation course goes live!

  • Q: Are these just theories, or will I get practical skills I can use?

    A: This isn't just a treasure trove of theories; it's a toolbox for real life. Each lesson includes practical exercises and real-world applications. You'll not only learn the ‘what’ and ‘why’ but also the ‘how’ of making better decisions. It's like getting a Swiss Army knife for your brain.

  • Q: I'm on the fence. Is this course really worth the investment?

    A: Imagine investing in a gadget that improves every other gadget you own. That's what this course is for your decision-making skills. The value you gain isn't just in the lessons themselves, but in how they amplify your ability to navigate life's choices – from the mundane to the monumental.

  • Q: Is this course just for BIG decision-makers, like CEOs and world leaders?

    A: Absolutely not! While CEOs and world leaders are welcome, this course is tailored for anyone who faces decisions - big or small. Whether you're choosing a cereal brand or contemplating a career change, 'Decision Hacker' is your secret weapon to making choices with confidence and clarity. Plus, you don't need a corner office or a fancy title to be a decision-making pro!

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